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Welcome to “I Cycle!”


My personal site about cycling.

Here you’ll find information about cycling, parts, touring, bike commuting, etc… I don’t ride my bicycle for speed, but to see more, to relax and to enjoy.


It’s still far from finished or complete, so still a work in progress. ;-)

If you would like to participate, you’re free to react and registration is free and just informal.



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Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour after about 14,000 km

After finishing the build of my Surly Disc Trucker in june 2012, I put on the tires of it’s predecessor. A set of Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour tires which I used for about 2000 km on my Gazelle MTB. By now, I’ve ridden about 14000 km on these tires so time for my personal experiences …

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Turn your bike into a shopping bike the easy way

Great post on  LadyFleur blog: Panniers from reusable grocery bags A post I reccomend if you want to go shopping by bicycle and don’t want to spend (too) much on panniers.

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Who’s laughing now?

A year ago, I had to change jobs within our company. This meant my work location changed and my commute went from an easy 10 km (6.4 miles) ride (one way) to a 30 km (18.2 miles) ride or a 60 km round trip to Belgium. I knew that not only the new job, but …

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Winter bike to work day

You want a neat little winter riding / commuting challenge? Forget about the cold, the snow, etc… and ride you bicycle to work on february 14th: The winter bike to work day 2014 Okay, so it’s on valentines day and that might make it difficult to buy some flowers for the O/H on the way …

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I love the night rides

For my bicycle commute, I usually leave home between 3 and half past 3 am. I always ride in the dark to work, and I love it! Even for my more recreational rides in the weekend I often start between 4 and 5 am. Might sound a bit weird, but I love the night rides. …

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Offline rides / run archive

For those who like to keep an offline archive of their rides, runs, etc… : There’s a neat little program that imports rides from gpx files and / or straight from bike computer or garmin. You’ll get a overview of all the exercises you did, a map showing the route / speed / height / …

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Why I don’t ride In a cycling club (anymore)

Here in the Netherlands, you can see them riding almost everyday. Groups of cyclist fanned out on the cycle lanes or the roads. Giving it all as if they are riding the race of their lives, claiming the cyclepaths and roads as their own. Cycling clubs, plentiful in here and in Belgium. And yet, more …

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Fjallraven Bergen 40 backpack

For my commute, I’ve been riding with panniers on my bike. Always handy to pack whatever you need. Often way too much stuff though and for touring I usely didn’t take them off. That’s why I went searching for a backpack suitable for riding a bicycle and walking. A local outdoor shop advised me on …

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